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August Töpfer carries out systematic quality control based on its own HACCP plan (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point).

Our laboratory staff includes a chemist and a biologist with postgraduate qualifications. Every item arriving is tested and monitored by our quality assurance department. External checks are also performed by accredited testing laboratories.

August Töpfer fulfils the requirements of the International Food Standard (IFS). The IFS certificate is a Food-specific System for the Management of Quality and risk which serves as a means of Evaluation own-brand suppliers. This certification is a confirmation of the high Standards we set for the Quality and safety of our products.

As well as the International Food Standard (IFS) we ware also certified under the ‘QS’ (Quality and Safety assurance) and GMP+(Good Manufacturing Practice) Quality assurance System. This covers the whole production chain from the raw material Producer to the Transport Company.

Monitoring and certification of our organic raw materials is carried out by IMO (Institut für Marktökologie GmbH), one of the largest organic monitoring bodies in Germany and licensed in accordance with European regulation 834/2007.

IFS certifikate EN