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August Töpfer & Co is a full-service company developing and producing consumer goods for the food and non-food sectors. This service has been intensively used for many years by producers of major brands and by the private label sector. The manufacturing processes in use here are wet and dry mixtures and tablet pressing for food and non-food articles.

Our current range includes mainly bath additives, cosmetics, sweet substances and instant mixtures.

August Töpfer & Co. is a trading partner you can rely on:

– We sell goods that we produce ourselves. That means we have direct control over quality and delivery dates
– We have our own contract packaging company which develops products and packaging
– With over 50 fully automatic production lines we are able to react flexibly to clients’ wishes
– We offer you a full service, providing you with advice and support in the development of your private label



Cosmetic products
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A sparkling wellness experience – fragrance and care for body and soul

The long-lasting fizz gives a stimulating bathing experience. The high-quality formula contains no conservatives of any kind and is pH-neutral. It provides efficient skin care without the addition of mineral or silicon oils.
The bath balls are produced under GMP conditions at our own factory in Germany.
Clients can specify the size of the bath balls and further scent varieties. Flower petals or dried herbs can also be pressed into the product.

Six standard products are immediately available:
– Rose
– Honey Melon
– 1001 Nights
– Lavender
– Blue lagoon
– Atlantic

… in packaging appropriate for retail sale.
We have our own contract packaging company whose expertise includes the development of products and packaging. With over 50 fully automatic production lines we are able to react flexibly to clients’ wishes. This means we can supply you with eye-catching packaging, from individually shrink-wrapped bath balls to gift packs.

– Decorative bath additives for a wonderful bath at hom. We’ve got our finger on the pulse! That means we can generate growth. We pick up on the latest trends so that we can support you at the point of sale with products that have retail power.
Just feel good with August Töpfer’s bath additive creations. A sparkling wellness experience – fragrance and care for body and soul. Bath hearts and bath cubes with high-quality formulations care for the skin and give the bathroom a whole new look. At the moment, concepts from the food sector are exerting a major influence on body care products. Scents such as vanilla and almond have become established in cosmetics. To pick up on this trend we have extended our product range to include cappuccino bath and chocolate bath. The chocolate bath offers a sparkling wellness experience as well as caring for the skin. The bathing experience is made complete by the delicious aroma of finest chocolate. All-round relaxation and wellbeing for the senses.

The Dead Sea, situated at the earth’s lowest point, is continually fed from numerous underground springs with a very high mineral content. These springs provide valuable raw materials – especially magnesium, potassium and bromide – which are crystallised out and make up the beneficial salt.

Pure relaxation and skin care
This relaxing bath has a high mineral salt content which cares for the skin – without artificial additives.

– Magnesium – normalises the skin environment and improves the microstructure of the epidermis.
– Potassium – regulates the skin’s water balance, strengthens resistance to illness and reduces inflammation.
– Calcium – anti-allergic, reduces itching and calms sensitive skin.
– Bromide – is necessary for the production of the hormone AMP which regulates the regeneration of the skin and allows the normalisation of the flaking process. Bromide also has an extremely calming effect both on the skin and on the whole being.

Confirmed quality from the leading manufacturer
The Dead Sea Works in Israel has been extracting bath salts from the Dead Sea for over 40 years. The composition of Dead Sea salt from the Dead Sea Works meets the quality criteria for medicinal bath salts.

Confirmed quality direct from the importer
August Töpfer & Co. is the official importer of Dead Sea bath salts from Israel for our partner Fette & Co.

A popular packaging alternative
The handy stand-up sachet for a single bath

A unique combination of original Dead Sea bath salt and bath oil scented with essential oils. Dead Sea bath salt has a high mineral salt content which cares for the skin. The sumptuous bath oil with its etheric plant extracts indulges the senses and supports the caring effect of the bath salt. It contains no paraffins or other mineral oil products.

The two components combine to give a wonderful bathing experience.
The Dead Sea bath salts and the high-quality essential oil bath are packaged separately. This is what gives them the edge over normal bath salt products. When both are mixed together the salt is progressively neutralised by the oil, reducing its effectiveness. Normal bath salts give only minimal skin care.

This product concept is protected as a registered design. At present the following 6 fragrances are available immediately in packages suitable for retail sale.

– Almond
– Balm
– Lavender
– Tangerine
– Active warmth
– Eucalyptus