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August Töpfer & Co is a long- standing trading house based in Hamburg and one of our activity is the salt trade. Over time our business has grown steadily and strong business relations have been established with the leading producers in the range of sea salt, rock salt and vacuum salt. We carry on a large selection of standard an characteristic salt qualities in our portfolio. The natural food grade salts are organic compliant.

Salt was used in the historical process as a means of payment and attained its peak, as it was offset with gold. The “white gold” was the economic driving force in many places. Salt roads developed and generated a flourishing continental trade.

The quality requirements of Codex Alimentarius and ISO 9001:2008 for food grade salt are decisive.


Salt products
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The winning of sea salt is done by creating and harvesting of salt gardens or innovative methods. The oceans of the world have an average salinity of approx. 3,5%.

Vacuum salt is evaporated from rock or sea salt brine and achieved a purity of 99,9% sodium chloride. Food grade salt is indispensable for the human life cycle and is fed to the body as table salt.

Rock salt originates essentially from the mineral halite and has been stored in salt domes since primordial times. The exploitation takes place mostly underground.