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Sugar trading has been one of the core activities of August Toepfer & Co. for more than 80 years. After 1945 the company established itself as a major player in the international sugar trade. Initially we focused on imports of raw sugar for the European market, and on transit and bartering. Today we are the largest private international trader of white and raw sugar in Germany. August Toepfer is highly respected name in the market as well as in German, European and International sugar associations.

Along with our partner Company Hamburg Sugar Terminal (H.S.T) we bag white sugar and ship it in conventional vessels or in container ships to customers all over the world.

In addition to our traditional exports of white sugar from the EU, over the past few years we have established a worldwide network of business relations to suppliers in new and highly dynamic procurement markets, enabling us to offer different origins  to our long standing clients, as well as to develop new fields of activity. We are looking forward hearing from you.

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