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Packaging Company

The packaging company August Töpfer & Co. / Bonora Copacking is situated in Hamburg. For over 40 years it has been one of the leading companies in this sector, particularly in contract packaging for major brand manufacturers. Our standard range includes all normal retail packages such as tubular bags, edge-sealed bags (including resealables), folded boxes and a variety of other forms of packaging.

We have more than 50 fully automatic packing lines and can react flexibly to clients’ wishes. We fulfil the requirements of the QUID regulation by using multi-component weighing scales. August Töpfer fulfils the requirements of the International Food Standard (IFS).

Development of Packaging

August Töpfer & Co. / Bonora Copacking has a highly able development section that designs complex products for major brands. An ever-growing number of our designs are either patented or registered.

If the client wishes, our engineers will take over the coordination of the entire printing and manufacturing process for private labels. This can include the design, the choice of material (also taking account of ecological considerations) and appropriate scaling of packaging units. The EAN codes are checked both at the pre-print stage and during production in accordance with EN 1635.


Bonora Copacking
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