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Liquid feed

Liquid animal feed is a nutritious, inexpensive supplement to feed rations and is particularly popular for bull fattening and for feeding of dairy cows as well as pigs.

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Liquid animal feed as a healthy feed supplement

Whether liquid, dry or molassed, high-energy nourishing feed should cover the nutritional needs of livestock. Liquid components in feeds are largely based on molasses, vinasse, fat, choline or soya. Pea protein, sileage or pulps are also used for this purpose. Almost all liquid feeds are created as by-products in sugar production, bread production, oil pressing or beer brewing. Their production being so cheap and ease of use means not only that the cost of feeding animals is lower, but their use also conserve resources and supports the health of livestock. In Germany, molasses and vinasse made from sugarbeet are especially popular as these are produced locally, which keeps costs low. Liquid feeds are mainly used in cattle feed with the addition of molasses to dry pulp chips. These molasses chips are characterised by their energy-rich sugar content.

Liquid feed available from ATCO

As a distributor and networked comprehensive provider for the food and non-food sector, August Töpfer & Co. has been serving customers in Hamburg since 1912. Using high-quality Sugarbeet molasses , we produce our liquid feed in the form of mixed feed at our sites in Germany and the Czech Republic. Our products are certified according to current standards, demonstrably improving animal health and thereby lowering medical costs. At the same time, our liquid animal feeds represent an excellent, cost-efficient supplement to feed rations due to their sugar content and the protein, iron, potassium and calcium they contain. Our products are especially popular as high-energy fattening feed for dairy cows and bulls as well as pregnant or lactating sows.

We are one of the leading German contacts for feed from the international import and export market and possess comprehensive market expertise and many years of experience. Our products are independently inspected and comply with the provisions of the EU Eco Directive and quality assurance standards. We offer our liquid feeds both loose and in IBCs/containers. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Liquid animal feeds: contents and production

ATCO liquid feed products made from sugarbeet molasses or vinasse are created as a by-product in the production of sugar from sugarbeet. Molasses is the liquid component of sugar obtained by separating the sugar in sugarbeet into sugar crystals and a liquid sugar substance through intense centrifugation and pressing. The sugar liquid extracted is separated from the dry matter and boiled down in multiple processing steps. The result of this production process is dark, viscous molasses, characterised by a high sugar content between 43 and 49 percent. The molasses also contains valuable substances including sucrose, glucose and fructose. Vinasse, which is low in sugar and high in crude protein, can be made by fermenting and distilling the molasses. With a calorific value of 288 kcal per 100 grams, our liquid feeds made from sugarbeet molasses are a valuable supplement to feed rations and a great source of energy that is rich in protein, trace elements and minerals like iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

Molasses chips: enhancing sugar content

Liquid feeds are ideal for enhancing the sugar and nutrient content of mixed and dry feeds. Molasses is often added to dry pellets in particular and serves as appetising, easily digestible feed in the form of molasses chips. Livestock enjoy their liquorice-like flavour, which makes this feed suitable for supporting feed intake and weight gain thanks to its high sugar content, easily digestible carbohydrates and range of nutrients. Even when molassed, the ball-shaped or cylindrical pellets have a long shelf life and can be easily stored.

Our liquid feed is certified: