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Der Großhandel August Töpfer & Co. bietet Bio-Futterzucker (Rohrzucker) in hoher Qualität an. Außerdem umfasst das Sortiment auch die natürlichere Alternative Rohrohrzucker aus biologischem Anbau.

The difference between organic cane sugar and organic raw cane sugar

The main commonality between organic cane sugar and raw cane sugar is the raw material used. All forms of cane sugar are made from sugarcane, which only grows in tropical and subtropical regions. The table sugar that is most widespread in Germany and Europe is made from the indigenous sugarbeet plant. Cane sugar varieties are always imported.

From a chemical perspective, organic beet sugar and organic cane sugar are identical. Both sugar varieties are refined and are characterised by a white colour and clear crystals. If brown cane sugar is unrefined, then it is known as whole cane sugar. The dark-brown colour of the product reflects the fact that its production involves no refining steps at all and that the sugar still contains some of the dark sugar syrup. In contrast, raw cane sugar is not considered unrefined, since this sugar variety undergoes a round of refining. Raw cane sugar is therefore partially refined, representing an intermediate product in the production of organic cane sugar.

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Organic demerara: a raw cane sugar speciality

Demerara is a special raw cane sugar that is also available in organic quality. Organic demerara is a type of raw cane sugar that has a light-brown colour and a molasses content between two and three percent. What’s special about this sugar variety are the particularly large crystals. The flavour of this organic cane sugar is considered especially aromatic and is associated with malt and caramel.

Bio-Futterzucker und andere Zuckersorten aus biologischem Anbau

Cane sugar labelled “kbA” (“kontrollierter biologischer Anbau”, meaning “certified organic cultivation”) in Germany follows the standards of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements, which served as a starting point for the EU Eco Directive. Organic cane sugar and other sugar varieties and foods with this label meet clearly defined criteria whose compliance is regularly monitored by independent certification bodies. These require producers to refrain from the use of genetically engineered organisms and chemical plant protection agents, for example. Only natural methods such as predators are permitted for pest control. Cultivation using a natural crop rotation protects the soil.

Unser Bio-Futterzucker ist zertifiziert:​

Bio-Futterzucker vom Großhandel August Töpfer & Co.

The wholesaler August Töpfer & Co. is continuously expanding its food range from organic cultivation. Besides organic cane sugar, organic raw cane sugar and organic whole cane sugar, this currently includes other sugar varieties made from other raw materials and from organic cultivation, such as Organic icing sugar, Organic coconut sugar and organic cane sugar cubes.

Demeter-certified products go beyond the conventional organic standard. At the wholesaler, you can order Demeter sugarthat requires the improvement of soil quality while also prohibiting the use of cell fusion technology, for example. Moreover, we offer Fairtrade sugar with the respective quality label that complies with the social, economic and ecological standards of the international association. Our Fairtrade range includes raw cane sugar, white cane sugar, whole cane sugar and icing sugar.

When buying organic cane sugar or raw cane sugar wholesale, you can choose from retail packaging and industrial containers. We will be happy to assist you in selecting the right product from our extensive range based on your documents and specifications.

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