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Almond preparations

Almonds are popular not only raw, but can also be processed into a wide array of other products. From almond flour to almond flakes – at wholesaler August Töpfer & Co., you can buy all varieties in top quality from a traditional company.

The difference between almond flour and ground almonds

For many consumers, there may appear to be no difference between almond flour and ground almonds at first glance. The nutritional information indicates which production process was used to make the product. Almond flour is created as a by-product in the production of almond oil. To extract the high-quality oil, almonds are pressed. The result is a nut mass that only contains a little oil and thus also little fat. This mass – known as “press cake” – is used to create almond flour with its fine structure and low fat content. Conversely, whole and raw almonds are ground to produce ground almonds.

Due to the different production processes and the different compositions of the products, they are not suitable for the same recipes. The contents of almond flour include around 35 grams of protein per 100 grams. The product is therefore distinguished by its high protein content. However, the fat and carbohydrate content is much lower. This means it also has fewer calories – about 270 kilocalories per 100 grams of almond flour. Ground almonds contain the original amount of fat and equate to 600 kilocalories per 100 grams. These different nutritional values have an effect on the taste and baking qualities of the products. So, it’s a good idea to note whether a recipe calls for almond flour or ground almonds.

The wide variety of almond products

Compared to other nut kernels , almonds have a milder flavour and are therefore particularly versatile. If you decide to buy an almond preparation, such as almond flour and ground almonds, it’s important to bear the shorter shelf life in mind. The products are more susceptible to germs due to the increased surface area.

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Almond flour

Some consumers buy almond flour as a substitute for flour as it is gluten-free. They may also buy almond flour as a low-carb alternative; the carbohydrate content amounts to around four to seven grams per 100 grams of almond flour. Here it’s important to note that almond flour is characterised by a larger volume than conventional wheat flour. You therefore need only around half the amount of flour stated for a recipe. Since oil is removed from the almonds in the production of almond flour, this product is drier than comparable alternatives. What’s more, it binds more liquid than flour made from grain. For this reason, when using almond flour, you should bear in mind that dough typically requires additional liquid.

Order almond flour online

When ordering almond flour from the wholesale trade, you can choose from light and dark varieties. Light varieties are made from blanched almonds without the skin. Both varieties of flour generally have some of the oil removed; their fat content is around 15 percent on average. In the case of flour labelled as “de-oiled”, the fat content is even lower. The almonds processed for this flour are pressed especially intensely and more frequently. This reduces the fat content to an average of ten percent. The resulting product has a drier quality and longer shelf life.

Almond flour is highly versatile and a is a particularly popular alternative for making common baked goods and desserts. However, the quantity of the ingredients in the recipe may need to be adjusted. Moreover, the product is suitable for consumers who follow a low-carb or gluten-free diet as well as for coating fish or meat.

An alternative name for almond flour is almond meal. But both terms refer to the same product. When buying almond meal, it’s a good idea to consider the nutritional information and production method. In some cases, ground almonds with a high fat content are also called almond meal. The by-product of almond oil production is much less prevalent in physical stores than ground almonds. With wholesaler August Töpfer & Co., you can conveniently buy almond flour online.

Ground almonds

In order to produce ground almonds or grated almonds, the dark skin is removed before the almonds are chopped up with short pulses. This means the almonds are blanched and ground. Although the skin contains lots of valuable nutrients, the product is much finer without the skin which can be more difficult to shred. If the skin has not been removed, this can be recognised by a darker colour. Wholesale ground almonds are available in various degrees of fineness.

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When using ground almonds instead of flour, make sure the recipe is adjusted accordingly. The higher oil and fat content in ground almonds leads to more airiness and a juicier character. Plus, the product binds less liquid and achieves a different baking result. In general, ground almonds contain more than 20 percent fat. It’s important to note the short shelf life when buying ground almonds in bulk packaging. Germs can establish themselves more easily due to the increased surface area.

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Blanched almonds

The blanching process involving the heating of food in steam or directly in boiling water for a few minutes. This procedure is often used for vegetables to make them softer and prepare them for further processing or freezing. With almonds, this step makes it easier to remove the skin. Blanched almonds appear to be of higher quality visually and are characterised by a mild flavour. They are predominantly used in baked goods or desserts.

It’s not usually necessary to buy almonds blanched. You can also blanch the almonds yourself. In the case of large quantities, however, it is advisable to purchase the finished product from the wholesale trade. Blanched organic almonds are ecologically cultivated without sulphuric acid or pesticide. When it comes to almonds, buying organic products is particularly recommended as the high fat content means that pesticides are absorbed especially easily.

Further almond preparations

Almonds can be used to produce many other almond preparations. These vary primarily in shape and the uses for which they are suitable. In many cases, production involves an elaborate process. It is therefore a good idea to order almond preparations in the desired quantity from the wholesale trade. Of course, the traditional Hamburg-based company August Töpfer & Co. also offers natural almonds that are available untreated or shelled. Almonds, die unbehandelt oder geschält sind.

In order to produce almond flakes, blanched almonds are flaked in the form of slices that look particularly appetising. This product is also called flaked almonds and they can also be bought wholesale. This almond preparation is especially suitable for decorating baked goods, cakes or almond slices.

Almond slivers are usually made from blanched almonds and can be roasted if desired. Like almond flakes, almond slivers are ideal as decoration for baked goods. In the wholesale trade, you can also order this almond product in organic quality. Another, similar alternative in our range includes chopped almonds.

Roasted almonds have a distinct flavour. With this product, the skin is typically removed. Conversely, consumers primarily associate candied almonds with fairs and Christmas markets. They are coated with sugar and cinnamon – generally with the skin – and caramelised in an open copper pot. This much-loved variety is also offered with other nut kernels.

Another popular product is almond paste. This product is available as a dark or light variety, depending on whether the almonds are processed with or without the skin. The product is suitable as a spread and forms the basis of almond milk, which is becoming an increasingly popular plant-based alternative to cow’s milk.

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Our almond preparations are certified:

Almond flour and other almond preparations in the wholesale trade

The traditional wholesaler August Töpfer & Co. sources various varieties of nut kernels directly from the producers in the countries of origin. We are therefore not only a distributor, we also assume responsibility for importation. We are pleased to be among the leading importers of nuts, dried fruits and seeds. Thanks to our cooperation with producers in various countries, we are able to ensure reliable delivery of our goods all year round. Moreover, this long-term cooperation enables us to offer high quality at fair prices.

We are happy to pass on our experience to our customers. We will be glad to advise you if you need help choosing the right products for your needs. Together, we will determine the most suitable products based on your documents and specifications. We continuously adjust our product range according to customer wishes. For this reason, you can also find many organic products in our wholesale range. Our customers include wholesalers, retailers, discounters as well as the food and confectionery industry.