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Organic cane sugar molasses

Aromatic sugarcane molasses is produced from the plant sap of an Asian sweet grass. We also offer this natural product in organic quality.

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Organic sugarcane molasses from August Töpfer & Co.

Organic sugarcane molasses is a black, viscous syrup. The product – also known as treacle or blackstrap molasses – is created during the production of table sugar. Thanks to its versatile use, sugarcane molasses is a popular raw material in the food industry, agriculture and biotechnology. At August Töpfer & Co., you can buy organic sugarcane molasses with the quality label of your choice: certified according to EU Eco-Regulation 834/2007 and quality assurance standards or alternatively with Naturland, Demeter, Bio Suisse, NOP and Kosher labels. Get in touch with us! Our team will be happy to assist you in selecting the right organic molasses for you. We can also adjust the flavours to your individual needs.

Cane sugar and sugarcane molasses in organic quality

Just like our organic cane sugar, our organic sugarcane molasses is closely monitored by independent, accredited supervisory bodies. Compared to conventional production, the permitted additives and processes in the cultivation and processing of organic sugarcane are subject to far stricter rules. Our suppliers receive the relevant organic label for molasses only in compliance with all regulations.

At August Töpfer & Co., we rely on close and trusting relationships with our longstanding contractual partners in the countries of origin. This way, we ensure consistently high quality, great delivery reliability and fair prices. Our organic sugarcane molasses is suitable as an ingredient in food as part of a health-conscious diet – and as a first-class material for industry, technology and agriculture.

Organic sugarcane molasses ...

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... as sweetener

Our organic sugarcane molasses has a sugar content of around 45 to 65 percent. The intense flavour of the product gives confectionary and cereals, as well as sauces and other savoury preparations a slightly bitter note of caramel and liquorice. Moreover, our molasses gives your product a darker colouring – without the use of E-numbers.

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... as fertiliser

Our organic molasses is also suitable as a basis for liquid fertiliser. Thanks to its composition of minerals, especially potassium and sodium, sugarcane molasses provides many garden plants and vegetable crops with all the nutrients they need for healthy growth.

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... as feed

Cattle, horses and pigs also love organic molasses thanks to its sweet taste. Organic molasses chips in particular are incredibly popular as feed for this reason. Sugarbeet is leached, dried into the form of chips and processed into pellets with the addition of molasses. We offer dried molasses pellets with a total sugar content of at least 20 percent. If necessary, organic sugarbeet chips or organic sugarbeet pellets are also available that meet the standards of the industry association as well as Naturland, Bioland and Demeter certification.

Organic molasses for optimal nutrition

Molasses is often called a superfood due to the minerals, trace elements and amino acids it contains. Nutritional supplements with molasses are now also available on the market. Although the health benefits have not been unequivocally proven, as part of a health-conscious diet our organic sugarcane molasses is nonetheless a good and lower-calorie alternative to table sugar.

Dried pellets with organic molasses as feed

Thanks to its composition, molasses provides an ideal culture medium for yeast. That’s why it is also used in the propagation and reproduction of yeast and other microorganisms. With its organic quality, our sugarcane molasses is a high-quality ingredient for the production of organic rum and other alcoholic products.

Our organic sugar cane molasses is certified:

Organic sugarcane molasses that suits your needs

August Töpfer & Co. is a leading provider of sugar and all kinds of sugar specialities. Our experienced team will be happy to help you with application-specific enquiries. Most of our organic sugarcane molasses for preparation is imported directly or indirectly into the EU as raw sugarcane for subsequent refining. For use as food, the molasses is prepared in a multi-stage process, with its qualities adjusted according to customer needs. This is achieved by cutting it with other types of molasses as well as sugar or sugar syrup. Where more delicate flavours are required, we can therefore also offer you organic molasses with a higher sugar content or a different sugar composition.

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