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Malt kernels

Malt kernels are ideally suited to breweries and distilleries. This malt product can be stored for several years and can be ground just before it is needed for further processing. The wholesaler August Töpfer & Co offers a wide range of high-quality malt kernels.

Use of malt kernels

Unground Malt in the form of whole malt kernels is primarily used in the production of beer in breweries. A major advantage of this product lies in its long shelf life of several years. Craft brewers and distilleries also use malt kernels to produce especially high-quality end products. Varieties include Pilsner and Münchener as well as exotic types of malt which are peated (smoked), fermented, caramelised or roasted.

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Processing of malt kernels

Before brewing and further processing, malt kernels first need to be ground. This allows the starch to be converted into sugar effectively and makes the malt product more soluble in water. Common household mills, like coffee mills, are not suitable for this process due to the hardness of the kernels. Two systems are usually used in professional processing that preserve the quality of kernels. In a malt mill, a system of rollers is used to grind the malt. The number of rollers varies depending on the system. By contrast, a hammer mill completely crushes the kernels. Milled malt can only be stored for a few weeks. The flavour is gradually lost during this time, and enzyme activity decreases. It is therefore advisable to only mill the malt kernels just before further processing.

Wide range of malt kernels from your wholesaler

As a traditional wholesaler, we offer our customers a wide variety of milled grain, allowing you to find the right product in proven quality for any application. Our product range encompasses malt kernels made from:

Barley malt

Wheat malt

Rye malt

Spelt malt

Emmer malt

Einkorn malt

Oat malt

Many of these variations are also available in organic quality, for example with the Naturland, Bioland or Demeter label.

Our malt kernels are certified