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Liquid mixed feeds

The liquid mixed feeds MilcMelpro for dairy cows and BullMelpro for bulls are premium-quality feeds available from the wholesaler August Töpfer & Co.

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High-quality liquid feeds MilcMelpro and BullMelpro

We produce our liquid feed mixes at our locations in Germany and the Czech Republic and distribute these products under the MilcMelpro and BullMelpro brands. The homogenised feeds are made from the molasses of regionally grown sugarbeet. The viscous, brown sugar syrup is created as a by-product in the production of sugar. The components of this natural product include various vitamins, inorganic salts, organic acids as well as betaine, in addition to sugar. The liquid feed is suitable for dairy cows as well as fattening bulls and is easy to handle. MilcMelpro and BullMelpro demonstrably contribute towards the health and productivity of the animals and are suitable as a substitute for cereals, soya flour or rapeseed.

Liquid mixed feeds for animal health

As is the case for all our products, we attach great importance to high quality when it comes to liquid feed for cattle. Feeding our products to cattle demonstrably improves animal health and thereby lowers costs incurred for veterinary care. Moreover, the liquid feeds for fattening bulls simplify feed rationing and therefore also result in a reduction in feed costs.

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The liquid mixed feed MilcMelpro for dairy cows has a range of positive effects on animal health. Feeding the high-quality products to cows improves the digestibility of fibres and supports the formation of microbial proteins. The liquid mixed feed prevents acidosis by reducing lactic acid production in the rumen. What’s more, MilcMelpro is suitable for preventing ketosis in the early lactation phase.

Our liquid mixed feed is ideal for a balanced protein and sugar supply and as a high-quality, easily digestible source of energy for ruminants. MilcMelpro contains the essential ingredients in the form of easily soluble substances and is characterised as a readily available, mild and high-quality source of protein. The feed not only promotes animal health, it also increases the efficiency of milk production. Furthermore, the addition of our liquid mixed feed improves the flavour of the complete mix ration. The loss rate through dust dispersion is also reduced.

Order liquid mixed feed from wholesaler August Töpfer & Co.

Our liquid compound feeds MilcMelpro and BullMelpro are produced from the individual components sugar beet molasses, feed urea dissolved in water, vinasse, Crude glycerine, Propylene glycolpalatinose, flavorings and, most recently, phosphoric acid, depending on customer requirements and wishes. 

Since all mixtures are produced fresh only when called by the customer, the customer can redefine the mixing ratio from delivery to delivery depending on the supply situation and the quality of the basic feed. This gives our customers the best possible flexibility in recipe design.

Our products MilcMelpro as well as BullMelpro are suitable for an effectively coordinated protein and sugar supply and thus contribute to stable animal health at a high level.

The assortment of August Töpfer & Co. expands almost weekly, as many customers prefer their individually composed blends. Please contact us personally to learn more about the possibilities.

Our liquid mixed feed is certified: