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Dead Sea bath salts

Dead Sea bath salts contain essential minerals and salts that have a positive effect on skin complexion and can even counteract skin conditions.

Original Dead Sea bath salts – origin and composition

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The Dead Sea is around 900 square kilometres in size. Jordan, Israel and the West Bank are located on its coasts. The high temperatures in this region evaporate large quantities of the seawater, leaving behind solid components such as salts and minerals. This process gives the sea its high salt content of around 28 to 33 percent, and the concentration is steadily increasing. This means the sea is significantly saltier than other bodies of water. For instance, the Mediterranean Sea has a salt content of just under four percent. The composition of Dead Sea salt is distinguished by a high concentration of essential minerals. Dead Sea bath salts contain the following:

  • ca. 31 Prozent Magnesiumchlorid
  • Approx. 14.5 percent calcium chloride
  • Approx. 30.5 percent sodium chloride
  • Approx. 4.5 percent potassium chloride
  • Numerous trace elements including substantial quantities of bromine

Health-conscious consumers attach importance to alkaline bath essences which neutralise the acids of the skin and support the skin’s own acid protection. Dead Sea bath salts are suited to alkaline bath essences, contain valuable minerals and have other properties beneficial to skin care. When used in a full bath, the bath salts also have a skin-neutral pH value.

Dead Sea bath salts: use and benefits

Common table salt is not suitable for body care as it would dry out the skin. Sea salt (maris sal) from most oceans is likewise an unsuitable alternative to bath salts using Dead Sea salt. The salt contained in the oceans consists of around 85 percent sodium chloride. By contrast, the minerals of the Dead Sea are much more varied and have a positive effect on human health. Even during Cleopatra’s reign, these minerals have been known for their nourishing and therapeutic qualities.

Nowadays, you don’t need to travel all the way to the Dead Sea to enjoy its curative benefits. Dead Sea bath salts can also release their effects in your bathroom.

The product has been approved as a medical product since the 1970s and has since been used in various cosmetics and remedies. It has established itself as one of the most popular bath additives.

The healing effects can be particularly enjoyed in skin care with Dead Sea salt. The exact composition depends on a number of factors, such as the season, the amount of precipitation, the temperature and the extraction depth. The most valuable contents include magnesium, calcium, potassium and bromine. These provide a number of benefits to the skin’s complexion.


Dead Sea bath salts from the wholesale trade contain magnesium ions that penetrate the metabolically active part of the skin. This mineral is therefore able to influence energetic metabolism of the skin and promotes the formation of salt deposits in the epidermis (the upper layer of skin). This makes Dead Sea bath salts ideal for dry skin, keeping it supple and moisturised. Increased moisture also helps reduce skin inflammation.

Calcium and potassium

Like bromine and magnesium, calcium is an effective mineral for preventing allergies and infections. Dead Sea bath salts are therefore also suitable for sensitive skin and can even make it more resilient. In many cases, the product can also benefit people who are unable to use other bath additives due to allergies and other complaints. Dead Sea bath salt also relieves itching and soothes itchy skin conditions, as a result of its disinfectant properties. Potassium is involved in regulating the skin’s water balance, it supports the immune system and has an anti-inflammatory effect.


The Dead Sea contains around 50 times more bromine than other seas. The mineral is known for its soothing effect and relaxes the muscles. At the same time, bromine supports skin renewal and normalises flaking of the skin. Dead Sea bath salts thus alleviate old skin cells falling away.

The wide range of uses for Dead Sea bath salts

Due to the many positive effects of Dead Sea bath salts on the skin, the bath essence can be used to alleviate various skin conditions. For example, Dead Sea bath salts help in the case of atopic eczema, itching, eczema in various areas of the skin, rashes, acne and cellulite. When used regularly, Dead Sea bath salts also ease scaly patches, visibly improving skin complexion. Moreover, use of the salt is recommended for a range of different muscle and joint illness such as gout, neuritis and circulatory disorders.

However, the salt can also be beneficial to healthy skin with its nourishing and moisturising effect. Research has recently been conducted on the anti-aging effect of this skin care treatment. Dead Sea bath salts demonstrably slow down the skin’s aging process, since the high concentration of nutrients also penetrate into deeper layers of the skin and promote regeneration. What’s more, the bath additive indirectly strengthens the immune system and thereby helps to prevent common colds.

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Correctly dosing Dead Sea bath salts from the wholesale trade

The recommended dosage of Dead Sea bath salts does not correspond to the actual salt content of the Dead Sea. However, it has been proven that even a lower concentration can provide health benefits and improve the skin’s complexion. The positive effects of Dead Sea bath salts can be enjoyed by regularly bathing with the bath essence for at least 20 minutes. The right dosage of the product will depend on an individual’s skin complexion. For a therapeutic bath and relaxing intensive care with the bath salts, pour around 400 to 500 grams of the product into hot bathwater and stir. Then add cold water. This way you can obtain a comfortable bathing temperature. Bear in mind that Dead Sea bath salts only release their curative effects at temperatures below 38 °C. A dose of 250 grams is enough in many cases for a preventive effect. Conversely, in the case of severe skin conditions, several kilograms of the bath additive can be used. Cold showering and dry rubbing are not advisable as they reduce the effect.

Dead Sea bath salts for children

Children can also benefit from Dead Sea bath salts. In this case, it’s a good idea to consult a paediatrician to determine the correct dosage.

Dead Sea bath salts: peels, masks and more

Dead Sea bath salts can also be used as a peel for removing skin flakes and making the skin supple. It is suitable for the entire body, the arms and legs and is a quick alternative treatment compared to taking a bath. To make the peel, mix the Dead Sea salt with cooking oil or jojoba oil. A little milk can also be added for a thicker consistency. Dead Sea bath salts can also be used as a mask for the face, neck and décolleté. In this case, the salt is mixed with three tablespoons of honey and milk, as required. For a relaxing foot and hand bath with Dead Sea salt, mix 250 grams of the bath additive into around 10-20 litres of water.
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Buy Dead Sea bath salts from wholesaler August Töpfer & Co.

When buying Dead Sea bath salts, it’s important to consider the quality of the products. Bath salts mixed with common salt can also be found in the retail and wholesale trade. Only original Dead Sea bath salts are 100 percent made of this natural sea salt and are therefore natural and pure. At wholesaler August Töpfer & Co. you can order this high-quality product for skin care in different packaging units, such as Dead Sea bath salts in 5 kg, 10 kg, 25 kg, 50 kg and 100 kg packaging. What’s more, we offer the product from various brands including pure Dermasel and Ombia Dead Sea bath salts in 5 kg packaging. The skin compatibility of this high-quality, fragrance-free product has been dermatologically tested and confirmed.