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Molasses is a by-product obtained from the production of table sugar. Black, syrupy molasses is a replacement for sugar and is used in industry and agriculture.

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Dried fruits

Dried fruits are incredibly versatile. They are light, have a long shelf life and provide energy, fibre and nutrients as a snack between meals.

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Nut kernels

The traditional company August Töpfer & Co. is a leading importer and wholesaler of nuts and nut kernels.

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At August Töpfer & Co., you can buy coconut milk, coconut flour and many other coconut products in top wholesale quality and at fair prices.

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Potato products

Table potatoes are an incredibly versatile food. August Töpfer & Co. also specialises in the distribution of different potato products for the food industry.

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As a traditional salt wholesaler, we attach great importance to ensuring the best quality for our salt. Learn more about our premium salt products and order from the Hamburg-based distributor August Töpfer & Co.

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August Töpfer & Co. is a traditional, German distributor of sugar products. The sugar trade has been one of our core areas of business for 80 years.

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Based in Hamburg, our traditional wholesale feed business sells and distributes certified organic feed for animals of all sizes in Germany and beyond. Take a look at our product range for the feed trade.

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Organic products

The assortment of August Töprfer & Co. includes a wide range of organic products. Whether sugar, industrial sugar or molasses, discover our certified organic products now.

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Malted raw materials like malt, malt flour or malt flakes are used to produce high-quality products in the food industry, in drinks production and breweries.

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Liquid sugar

Liquid sugar is used in the food industry for a range of products. It is particularly suitable as a sugar substitute for the production of drinks.

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Liquid feed

Liquid animal feed is a nutritious, inexpensive supplement to feed rations and is particularly popular for bull fattening and for feeding of dairy cows as well as pigs.

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Dead Sea bath salts

Dead Sea bath salts contain essential minerals and salts that have a positive effect on skin complexion and can even counteract skin conditions.

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Retail sugar

August Töpfer & Co. also offers sugar products for retail. Buy (cane) sugar in small packaging or as private label products.

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As a distributor, we source our raw materials from longstanding contractual partners in the countries of origin. Through close communication and diligent controls at our locations in Germany and Spain, we ensure that you receive your products both on time and in top quality.

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