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Naturland sugar

Wholesaler August Töpfer & Co. offers cane sugar with Naturland certification, which is subject to stricter standards compared to other organic labels.

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Naturland certification

The certification organisation Naturland has developed special standards for organic agriculture and awards its label to those products which are produced in harmony with nature and the environment according to these criteria. The system is subject to continuous development in order to maintain and improve the efficiency and reliability of the certification. Moreover, independent private and public bodies ensure compliance and effective implementation of the system. Published standards currently apply in aquaculture, apiculture, insects, forest use and production, for example. ‘Production’ encompasses the cultivation of plants, vegetables, fruit, wine and ornamental plants.

Cane sugar with Naturland certification

Traditional wholesaler August Töpfer & Co. has been offering Naturland sugar that is subject to increased cultivation and production criteria for many years now. These criteria set down minimum standards, such as in relation to social aspects in the countries of origin. The raw material for Naturland sugar, sugarcane, requires temperatures above 20 °C in order to grow and is therefore only cultivated in countries with a tropical or subtropical climate. This makes it all the more important to monitor compliance with defined standards and conditions under which the raw material is cultivated. Naturland sugar is subject to stricter criteria than conventional organic products.

Our Naturland sugar is certified:

Naturland sugar and other sugar products in the wholesale range

Wholesaler August Töpfer & Co. maintains close contact with the producers in the countries of origin and engages in cooperation based on trust and reliability. Together with our long-standing partners, we ensure punctual delivery and exceptionally high product quality for our customers. Wholesaler August Töpfer & Co. is the largest private distributor in the Sugarsector. Our comprehensive range encompasses cane sugar, raw cane sugar as well as Whole cane sugar, plus Beet sugar , fructose and glucose.

Besides the high quality of our products, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We therefore continuously adapt our product range according to customer wishes. This includes a growing organic range as well as products with even stricter quality labels, such as products with Naturland or Demeter certification.