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Organic rye malt powder

Organic rye malt powder is characterised by its traditional method of production and an especially aromatic flavour.

Rye malt powder: what is it?

Malt powder is made from high-quality, malted grain. Common varieties are wheat, spelt, oat, emmer, einkorn and rye malt powder. This is a traditional, fermented rye malt flour that develops its dark colour not through roasting. The traditional production method gives the product an intense and aromatic rye flavour with a sweet-sour note. Rye malt powder is primarily suited to the production of dark bread and baked goods.

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Types of organic rye malt powder in the wholesale trade

Our organic rye malt powder from the wholesale trade is free from additives and preservatives. The production time can be varied, allowing a range of products to be made that vary in terms of colour and taste. Light, brown and dark rye malt powders are available wholesale. The dark varieties have a lack of enzyme activity due to how they are produced.

Buy organic rye malt powder wholesale

Rye malt is especially popular in Scandinavia, where it is sold in large quantities. This is due to the distinct rye bread culture present in these countries. In particular, Finnish rye malt is used for a wide range of applications – for example in the production of a Finnish malt pudding (mämmi) or Finnish malt bread. Besides rye malt, it also contains rye grist and rye flour. In Germany, however, rye malt powder is considered a niche product. Traditional wholesaler August Töpfer & Co. offers malt powder from different types of grain, including rye. In addition to a wide variety of products, individual customer wishes are very important to us. Due to the great demand, we therefore also offer rye malt powder in organic quality.

Our organic rye malt powder is certified: