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Organic malt grist

Beim Großhandel August Töpfer & Co. können Sie Bio Malzschrot kaufen, das unseren hohen Qualitätsansprüchen und individuellen Kundenansprüchen gerecht wird.

What is malt grist?

Malt is the raw material for the production of malt grist. Malt is a grain that has been deliberately germinated and then dried. Enzyme activity can be influenced by regulating temperature during production. This allows you to buy malt grist that is enzyme-active or enzyme-inactive. In order to produce malt grist, Malt kernels are ground using a groat cutter or in malt mills. The kernels are also optionally roasted.Malt grist from the wholesale trade is characterised by a nutty-sweet and aromatic flavour as well as a light colour.

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Use of malt grist

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Malt grist is primarily used in traditional baking. Unlike Malt flour , in mashes, milled malt kernels add not only flavour but also structure to baked goods. Moreover, malt grist improves dough yield and is suitable as a topping. Thanks to the nutty structure and flavour, the product can be used as a nut substitute in recipes.

Malt grist is indispensable for the production of beer and is therefore used in breweries. The first step of beer production is unnecessary if you buy malt that is already milled in the wholesale trade. Breaking open the kernels is important as it allows the starch to be dissolved and ultimately converted into malt sugar. Breweries then finish the wort by adding hot water. This refers to the fermentable part of the mash produced in brewing by mixing one part malt grist with three parts brewing water. A key characteristic of the wort is the viscosity, which describes the fermentation process in grams per litre. Removing water produces the Malt extractthat is also available as a ready-made product in the wholesale trade.

The wide variety of organic malt grist in the wholesale trade

Malt can be made from a variety of grains. A wide range of organic malt grist can therefore be found in the wholesale trade:

Wheat malt grist

Rye malt grist

Spelt malt grist

As a traditional wholesaler, we attach great importance to fulfilling the needs of our customers. For this reason, we also offer malt grist from other types of grain and in organic quality. At August Töpfer & Co., you can buy different types of malt grist – from wheat malt grist and other common varieties to an individual choice of grain.

Our malt grist is certified: