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Organic liquid sugar

Organic liquid sugar is a high-quality sweetener that is based on organically certified raw materials. The product is suitable for drink production and for use in organic food.

Liquid sugar in certified organic quality

Liquid sugar is ideal for use in food in which a long-lasting smooth consistency is important. What’s more, liquid sugar is well-suited to drink production and as a sweetener in cocktails. Our organic liquid sugar is made using cane and beet sugar from monitored, organic-certified cultivation. As a result, our organic liquid sugar lends itself to industrial use in products with the organic label.

Production of organic liquid sugar

For our organic liquid sugar, we use organically certified table sugar (sucrose) from our long-standing production partners. In order to produce invert sugar, the sucrose is first broken down into its components fructose and glucose in a chemical process and dissolved in water. Our organic liquid sugar is transparent and odourless. Its sweetness is similar to that of table sugar.

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Organic liquid sugar for drink production and use in food

The higher the fructose content is, the sweeter the organic liquid sugar and lower the risk of crystallisation in the end product. For this reason, our organic liquid sugar is ideal for products like ice cream, creamy desserts, sauces and chocolate fillings in organic quality. The invert sugar content also has the effect of regulating moisture and maintaining freshness in baked goods. Organic liquid sugar is particularly useful in drink production, such as for liqueurs, mixed beverages and cocktails.

Our organic liquid sugar is certified:

Organic liquid sugar from the wholesale trade

As a renowned Hamburg-based distributor and your reliable wholesale partner, August Töpfer & Co. is an established specialist in the market for sugar specialities and sugar by-products. Count on our experience and buy your organic liquid sugar conveniently online. Much of our product range is also available in organic quality and with the Fairtrade label. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our products.