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Organic sugarbeet molasses

Sugarbeet molasses is a by-product created during the production of beet sugar. At August Töpfer & Co., you can buy sugarbeet molasses in organic quality that meets the highest requirements.

Organic sugarbeet molasses from wholesaler August Töpfer & Co.

Sugarbeet molasses is an almost black, viscous liquid obtained during the process of refining beet sugar. Molasses from sugarbeet is predominantly used as mineral feed, in fermentation processes and for the production of biogas and bioethanol. At August Töpfer & Co., you can buy beet molasses with organic certification (according to EU Eco-Regulation 834/2007 and quality assurance standards). Our organic sugarbeet molasses is also available with Demeter, Naturland, Bioland, Bio Suisse, NOP and Kosher labels. Contact us if you have any questions and for an individual offer.

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Organic sugarbeet: origin and cultivation

As the source of organic beet sugar and organic sugarbeet molasses, sugarbeet is a plant from the goosefoot family indigenous to Germany and Europe. The core of the root in particular has a high sugar content, which is why sugarbeet is traditionally processed into beet chips, sugarbeet syrup and beet sugar. Organic sugarbeet molasses is created as a by-product during the production of organic beet sugar. Unlike conventionally produced products, our organic sugarbeet molasses is subject to stricter rules and controls in cultivation and production. It is therefore suitable for use in food with the organic label. The Naturland, Bioland and Demeter standards guarantee even more stringent production criteria. Sugarbeet syrup and beet sugar molasses are two different products: sugarbeet syrup is not created during the production of sugar, but rather by boiling down sugarbeet.

Use of organic sugarbeet molasses

Beet molasses in organic quality contains a wide range of minerals and amino acids and is therefore considered healthy. Our organic sugarbeet molasses is suitable as a lower-calorie sweetener. It tastes slightly like liquorice and gives food a dark colour. Organic sugarbeet molasses is used as an inexpensive and high-energy feed for horses, pigs and cattle. Moreover, our organic sugarbeet molasses helps in binding mixed feed and in the sileage of green feed.

Organic sugarbeet molasses is a high-quality raw material used as a basis for organic liquid fertiliser. Components like potassium and nitrogen provide a high concentration of nutrients in the soil and promote the healthy growth of bacteria and microorganisms. Organic sugarbeet molasses is suitable for the production of alcohol, yeast and flavour enhancers as well as in pharmaceutical applications. Thanks to its composition, the product provides an optimum culture medium for enzymes and microorganisms.

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Our organic sugar beet is certified:

Organic sugarbeet molasses in premium quality

We are not only a leading provider of sugar in Germany and Europe, but also all kinds of sugar specialities. By purchasing organic sugarbeet molasses from August Töpfer & Co., you choose a first-class product from an experienced distributor. Our organic sugarcane molasses is a high-quality, versatile material used in industry and agriculture. At our production facilities in Germany and the Czech Republic, we produce mixed feed based on sugarbeet molasses for dairy farms and bull fattening. Use of liquid feed based on molasses from August Töpfer & Co. demonstrably improves animal health, optimises feed portions and thereby reduces feed costs. Our liquid feeds are available both loose and in IBCs/containers. If necessary, we also offer organic sugarbeet chips or organic sugarbeet pellets that meet Naturland, Bioland and Demeter industrial association standards.

Being a renewable resource, our molasses is also suitable as a sustainable basis for the production of bioethanol. If you would like to use our products as food, we can adjust the organic sugarbeet molasses to your needs by cutting it with other types of molasses, sugar or sugar syrup, as desired. Our experienced team will be happy to help you with application-specific enquiries.

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