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Organic malt extract powder

At wholesaler August Töpfer & Co., you can find a wide selection of organic malt extract powders from different types of grain and in different colour variations for the food and drinks sector.

Our wide variety

When you buy organic malt extract powder from wholesaler August Töpfer & Co, you can choose from a range of options made from the grain varieties barley, rye, wheat and oat. Our barley malt extract is particularly popular. It improves the baking process as well as the dough structure of baked goods and is suitable for sweetening food. Besides these functional qualities, the malt extract powder also improves the flavour and colour of products.

What’s more, when buying organic malt extract powder you can choose varieties with the addition of hops as well different colour variations from light to dark. These are made from high-quality Malt that is either band or spray dried. Another highlight is the roasted malt extract powder from August Töpfer & Co., distinguished by its particularly dark colour and characteristic malt flavour. Roasted grain is used to produce this malt extract powder.

Use of malt extract powder

Dried malt powder is highly versatile. It is especially important in home brewing and baking.

Buy organic malt extract powder from wholesaler August Töpfer & Co

High-quality malt extract powder in airtight sacks and carton packaging – weighing 20 or 25 kilograms – are available wholesale from August Töpfer & Co. Selected varieties are also available as organic malt. We will be happy to help you choose the right products for your needs.