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Treacle is an alternative term for sugarcane molasses. The product is suitable as a sweetener and colourant for use in the food industry.

Treacle from wholesaler August Töpfer & Co.

Sugarcane syrup, or treacle, is a by-product created during the production of table sugar from sugarcane. During the refining process, the crystallised components of the sugarcane juice are separated from the liquid components. Treacle is a highly viscous syrup with a dark-brown to black colour. As a raw material for the food industry, treacle provides a characteristic liquorice-like, bitter-sweet flavour and natural colouring – all without the use of E-numbers.

At August Töpfer & Co., you can buy inexpensive all-natural treacle from an experienced wholesaler. We set the highest standards for our products. Thanks to our longstanding partnerships with our suppliers as well as stringent controls, we ensure that you always receive your delivery on time and in the quality you expect. We also offer organic treacle – and in compliance with industrial association standards with Naturland, Demeter or Fairtrade certification. Our team will be happy to assist you in selecting the right products for you.

Treacle and sugar syrup: definition

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The terms “treacle” and “brown sugar syrup” refer to molasses used in the food industry. These designations separate them from the types of molasses used in agriculture and the feed industry. Since treacle and sugar syrup are more common in vernacular than the word molasses, general linguistic use has also helped differentiate these products.

Treacle is typically a sugarcane molasses or sugarcane syrup. Sugarcane is a tropical sweet grass whose pulp is used to produce cane sugar and sugarcane molasses. In exceptional cases, treacle or sugar syrup may also refer to beet molasses, beet syrup or a combination of different types of molasses. Strictly speaking, however, sugarbeet syrup is a different product since it is not obtained from the production of table sugar, but from boiling down sugarbeet.

Components of treacle

Unlike table sugar, treacle still contains many of the nutrients originally stored in the plant. For this reason – and due to the sugar content of around 50 percent – treacle is becoming increasingly popular as a healthy and lower-calorie sweetener. Besides different types of sugar including sucrose, glucose and fructose, there are essential trace elements, minerals and amino acids in sugarcane syrup. These include:




Magnesium & Calcium

Pantothenic acid

100 grams of our sugarcane syrup have around 288 calories.

Use of treacle

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Sugar syrup has a long shelf life and is inexpensive and incredibly versatile. For instance, it is suitable as a substitute for honey, maple syrup or agave syrup. In confectionery, treacle provides a slightly bitter flavour with a fine note of caramel or liquorice and can be found in toffee, liquorice, cereals and other muesli products. Not only do our customers use the product for meat glazes, BBQ sauces and as a driving agent for yeast, but also to refine the flavours of savoury dishes. Our sugarcane syrup is an ideal culture medium for yeast and effective microorganisms, providing the basis for fermentation processes. Besides the production of rum and other alcoholic spirits, it is therefore also used in pharmaceutical applications.

Our treacle is certified:

Sugar syrup for your individual needs

At August Töpfer & Co., you can buy treacle in wholesale trade for your individual applications. Much of the sugarcane molasses for preparation is imported directly or indirectly into the EU as cane sugar for subsequent refining. Our treacle is prepared for use as food through a multi-stage process. We adjust the qualities of the product according to your wishes. If our customers require more subtle flavours or a lighter sugar syrup, we can also cut the sugarcane syrup with other types of molasses, sugar or sugar syrup. Our team will be happy to answer your questions about our product range and applications. Get in touch with us!