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Organic Fairtrade sugar

Organic Fairtrade sugar complies with the standards for organic cultivation and the requirements of the Fairtrade label. By buying this kind of sugar from the wholesale trade, you are supporting environmental protection and fair working conditions.

Fairtrade sugar – quality and environmental protection

Fairtrade sugar guarantees top quality for consumers and also ensures the protection of people and the environment. If you decide to buy organic Fairtrade sugar from the wholesale trade, you’ll be making an important contribution to promoting environmental protection and the welfare of workers in the countries of origin. Small-scale Fairtrade farmers benefit from long-term purchase agreements as well as grants to be used for the following measures:

  • Improving infrastructure
  • Improving quality and productivity
  • Education and health projects

To guarantee shelf life, it’s necessary to process sugarcane as quickly as possible after it is harvested. In order for small-scale farmers to find buyers even for small quantities of organic Fairtrade sugar, the Fairtrade label permits controlled mixing with non-certified sugar. This practice with organic sugar is called mass balance and ensures that organic sugar is physically traceable. In the case of segregated organic sugar, however, the components remain separate from each other and cannot be mixed during the production process.

Our organic Fairtrade sugar is certified:

Buy organic Fairtrade sugar from the wholesale trade

If you decide to buy organic Fairtrade sugar, the respective small-scale farmers will receive an organic premium. What’s more, the organic label requires that farmers refrain from the use of synthetic pesticides and artificial fertilisers. This promotes the long-term preservation of soil quality as well as biodiversity. Fair organic sugar is available from wholesaler August Töpfer & Co. in different varieties and qualities.