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Organic icing sugar

Organic icing sugar is made by grinding sugar produced from organic cultivation and is available in a particularly high quality in the wholesale range offered by August Töpfer & Co.

The wide variety of organic icing sugar

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A range of sugar varieties are available in the wholesale trade that differ in terms of the raw material used and how it is processed. Globally, sugarcane is the most important source of raw material for sugar production. For the production of the table sugar popular in Europe, beet sugar is processed into granulated sugar in various grain sizes. Other popular sugar varieties include coarse granulated sugar and very finely ground icing sugar. The latter is characterised by its powdery consistently and is usually made from white, refined sugar.  

Meanwhile, cane sugar is also becoming increasingly important on the European market. This sugar is chemically identical to beet sugar. Unlike the raw material for the table sugar typically found in Europe, its raw material sugarcane only grows in tropical and subtropical regions. Consumers greatly value products from organic farms particularly when it comes to imported sugar varieties. Organic icing sugar made from raw cane sugar complies with the standards of the EU Eco Directive and is distinguished by a higher molasses content compared to refined sugar.

Our organic icing sugar is certified:

Buy organic icing sugar from wholesaler August Töpfer & Co.

Organic icing sugar dissolves particularly easily and is ideal for decorating various baked goods, such as cakes, waffles and sweet pastries. Moreover, organic icing sugar is the main ingredient for making icing for cakes and is also used in the production of meringue. When this sugar variety is used in dough mixes, the baking results are more delicate than normal. By buying sugar varieties from organic cultivation, you’ll be supporting the responsible treatment of the environment as well as compliance with fair working conditions in the countries of origin. Wholesaler August Töpfer & Co. offers organic icing sugar in retail packaging and industrial containers.