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Organic beet sugar

Wholesaler August Töpfer & Co. offers organic beet sugar produced in Europe, characterised by shorter transport routes compared to cane sugar as well as easier compliance checks according to organic criteria.

What is organic sugar?

The general term “organic sugar” encompasses all types of sugar cultivated organically. Clearly defined criteria for cultivation, harvesting and processing are observed for these products. Instead of conventional pesticides, producers use organic options to combat pests. With organic beet sugar, farmers prevent pest infestations through carefully planned crop rotation, using special beet varieties and adjustments to the sowing depth. Moreover, the plants are harvested earlier for the production of organic beet sugar. This allows producers to avoid harvesting during rainfall. Dry ground prevents harvest machines from compacting the subsoil. Another advantage of dry ground is that the soil can be removed from the beet more easily and left on the field.

German organic beet sugar

Consumers often greatly value the organic label when the product’s raw materials come from South American, African or Asian countries. This is the case for Organic cane sugar, for example, the raw material for which grows only in regions with a tropical or subtropical climate. Beet sugar produced from indigenous sugarbeet is more common in Germany and other European countries. This resource is transported over a much shorter distance and it is easier to control working conditions and environmental protection. Organic beet sugar from Germany is available wholesale and comes from organic cultivation, where sustainable agriculture standards and other criteria governing cultivation through to processing are observed for the protection of people and the environment.

While overall sugar consumption is declining in Germany, the demand for organic sugar is growing. This trend is associated with the increasing importance of organic food generally. In 2017, around 2,000 hectares of organic sugarbeet were grown in Germany; this figure climbed to around 6,000 hectares by 2019.

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Organic beet sugar – a refined sugar variety

When it comes to sugar varieties, consumers often associate organic quality with the product having a brown colour. Typically, brown sugar is Cane sugarthat has been refined only a little if at all. Sugar varieties produced in this way are available as raw cane sugar and Whole cane sugar . This production process leaves some of the brown sugar syrup in the product. This syrup is responsible for the distinctive colour. It also contains some of the valuable vitamins and minerals of the raw material. For this reason, these sugar varieties are considered to be healthier alternatives to conventional white sugar. Since this sugar syrup (also known as molasses) is characterised by an unpleasant flavour in sugarbeet, unrefined organic beet sugar is not available to buy. If you do, however, find brown organic beet sugar, it concerns a refined sugar that has subsequently been coloured. Organic beet sugar is suitable as a sweetener for drinks, baked goods and dishes, just like conventional sugar. The sugar is also used in dairy products, confectionery and other industrial products. Most of the organic beet sugar produced is used in the production of baby food and organic baked goods.

Our organic beet sugar is certified:

Buy organic beet sugar from wholesaler August Töpfer & Co.

We are constantly expanding our organic range. Our range of organic sugar varieties includes Bioland beet sugar, for example. The Bioland association cooperates with over 8,000 farmers and assesses organic food based on seven principles. These include the promotion of soil fertility and biodiversity, the safeguarding of the future livelihoods of people and the production of valuable food by refraining from the use of pesticides or genetically engineered plants. Moreover, as a wholesaler we offer various packaging units, in retail packs or in industrial containers. The price of organic beet sugar is higher than the price of comparable conventional products due to the more costly processing methods and strict compliance with standards. Buy organic beet sugar from wholesaler August Töpfer & Co. and contribute towards protecting people and the environment.