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Demeter sugar

The German farming association Demeter sets strict criteria for the growing and processing of Demeter-certified sugar and other food.

Demeter: an organic sugar with high standards

The German organic farming association Demeter was founded in the 1920s and defines biodynamic cultivation and production standards for a wide range of products. Besides cosmetic and fashion articles, Demeter covers in total more than 3,500 types of food. The criteria for obtaining the Demeter logo go beyond the standards of the EU Eco directive and the German organic label. Demeter-certified products are produced and distributed internationally across several continents.

The criteria for Demeter certification relate to both the cultivation and processing of the products. One particularly important criterion for Demeter sugar is the omission of chemical, synthetic fertilisers and plant protection agents. In contrast to the standards of the EU Eco directive, this label also requires the improved soil quality using special compost and field sprays. Moreover, the use of seeds from cell fusion technology is not permitted. Once the Demeter sugar has been harvested, only carefully selected additives are allowed, such as flavouring extracts.

Our Demeter sugar is certified:

Buy Demeter sugar from wholesaler August Töpfer & Co.

When it comes to cane sugar in particular, consumers attach great importance to the definition and observance of standards, since this product has to be imported. Demeter-Cane sugar cane sugar is a refined sugar variety that is similar to table sugar made from sugarbeet which is common in Germany. The raw material from which this type of sugar is extracted is a tropical plant: sugarcane. Demeter raw cane sugar is characterised by the fact that the sugar is only refined once. As a consequence, more of the molasses is retained in the product, resulting in the brown colour and typical, distinctive flavour of this type of sugar.

Based in Hamburg, the traditional wholesaler August Töpfer & Co. has been developing and distributing Demeter sugar for many years. You can buy this product in various packaging sizes for the retail and wholesale trade. We will be happy to determine which wholesale product best meets your requirements according to your specifications and documents.