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Organic coconut sugar

At wholesaler August Töpfer & Co., you can buy organic coconut sugar grown sustainably and in compliance with fair working conditions.

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Coconut sugar – a special variety of sugar

While most sugar varieties worldwide are made from sugarcane, indigenous sugarbeet is most important in Europe. Besides these two raw materials, sugar specialities produced from other plants are also available in retail and the wholesale trade. Coconut sugar – also called coconut palm sugar – is one such alternative gaining in popularity. As the name suggests, this sugar variety is extracted from the coconut palm, or specifically its flowers.

Production begins with scratching the inflorescence and collecting the nectar that leaks out. Every day, around one litre of this liquid can be collected from each palm. In order to produce organic coconut sugar, this nectar is then filtered and boiled down. The resulting mass is then sieved to obtain fine-grained sugar. Unlike other coconut products, the taste of organic coconut sugar does not reveal its coconut origin. Since the product is not made from the coconuts themselves, its taste is free from the coconut flavour. 

The properties of organic coconut sugar

Some of the properties of organic coconut sugar are similar to raw cane sugar and Whole cane sugar and also set this sugar variety apart from conventional table sugar. The similarities include the brown colour, its malty and caramel-like flavour as well as certain nutrients such as magnesium, zinc and iron. In contrast to cane sugars, however, the crystals of organic coconut sugar are finer.

Organic coconut sugar from the wholesale trade is an ideal alternative to conventional table sugar; this type of sugar can be used for almost all common applications. Coconut sugar is also suitable as a sweetener for drinks like tea and cocktails, and for cakes and desserts.

Coconut sugar in organic quality

The cultivation of organic coconut sugar is considered particularly sustainable. Careful harvesting following traditional methods ensures that the palm is unharmed and can be harvested repeatedly. What’s more, organic coconut sugar is valued for use in environmentally compatible mixed cultivation, as this protects the soil and keeps it healthy for future generations. When buying organic coconut sugar, consumers benefit from high quality and pure products free from additives like maltodextrin and colourants.

Organic coconut sugar is also available with the Fairtrade label in the wholesale trade. Fairtrade sugar meets the social, ecological and economic standards of the globally used label. The criteria for obtaining the label encompass the safeguarding of defined working conditions, the omission of pesticides and genetically engineered crops, and a ban on discrimination, among other requirements.

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Organic coconut sugar from wholesaler August Töpfer & Co.

We offer an extensive range of organic sugar varieties including organic coconut sugar as well as the following products:

As one of the leading private distributors in the sugar sector, we will be happy to help you choose the right products for your needs. Respect for tradition as well as a forward-looking approach have been an integral part of our company since it was founded in 1912. We therefore offer our products of the highest quality and are able to adjust our range to the changing needs of customers.

The raw material comes from coconut palms from certified organic cultivation.

Our organic coconut sugar is certified: