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Organic malt flakes

Organic malt flakes improve the flavour and structure of baked goods. At the wholesaler August Töpfer & Co, you can choose from different grain varieties, with or without enzyme activity.

What are malt flakes?

Malt is a highly versatile product which can be used to make other malted raw materials in a number of production processes, such as Malt flour or Malt extract. Malt kernels can be processed into malt flakes. The kernels are first dampened briefly and then pressed with hot rollers. This gives the product its intense, malty and roasted flavour as well as a particularly aromatic fragrance.

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Use of organic malt flakes in bakeries

The basic product malt is primarily used in brewing and for the production of beer. Other malt products are employed above all in the production of baked goods. Besides malt flour, this includes malt flakes that are used in mashes. In contrast to flour, the flakes affect the structure and dough yield of bread and baked goods in addition to the flavour. Moreover, malt flakes are suitable as a topping for baked goods.

The wide range of organic malt flakes in the wholesale trade

Malt is grain that has been germinated and then dried. Various types of grain are suitable for its production. Accordingly, malt flakes can also be made from different types of grain. August Töpfer & Co. offers the following products wholesale. We produce malt flakes from other types of grain upon customer request.

Wheat malt flakes

Spelt malt flakes

Rye malt flakes

Emmer malt flakes

Einkorn malt flakes

Furthermore, the enzyme activity of malt flakes can be influenced during production. Depending on the degree of malting, the products can therefore be purchased enzyme-inactive or enzyme-active.

Our malt flakes are certified:

Organic malt flakes at August Töpfer & Co.

When buying malt flakes from wholesaler August Töpfer & Co, you not only benefit from a wide range of products but also professional advice. We will be happy to help you find the right products for your individual needs based on your documents.