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Potato products

Table potatoes are an incredibly versatile food. August Töpfer & Co. also specialises in the distribution of different potato products for the food industry.

Our selection of potato products

Products made from potato: a versatile tuber

Potatoes belong to the nightshade family and their botanical name is Solanum tuberosum. The tuber that grows underground stores nutrients for the plant and is consumed as food. The origin of the potato has not yet been conclusively determined. Since many wild varieties grow in the regions around Peru and the Andes, researchers believe potatoes originate from South America. The potato has only been known in Europe since 1621. It took another two centuries until Europeans discovered that the potato could be made edible by cooking.

Today, a wide range of products are made from potatoes. Only some of the harvested potatoes end up in supermarkets; the rest are processed in industry. August Töpfer & Co. offers potato products including potato flour and potato flakes. For the production of these products, only food-safe and non-GMO potato varieties are used from regional sources. Order potato products from your reliable wholesale partner and benefit from our many years of experience.

Potato products from Germany

The potato is one of Germany’s favourite vegetables – although strictly speaking it is not actually a vegetable. In German agriculture, potatoes are considered a root crop. Around 4,000 different varieties exist around the world. A distinction is generally made between table potatoes and industrial or ware potatoes. While table potatoes are sold fresh or processed into other foods, industrial potatoes are used as a material for the production of alcohol, adhesives and pharmaceutical products, for example. The potato is planted in the ground by machine in the spring. A potato plant yields around 25 potato tubers and the harvest time varies according to the variety. For the production of our potato products, the potatoes are harvested between August and October and then washed, cooked and crushed into pulp. They are dried as a thin layer on rollers and finally ground to the desired degree of fineness. Depending on the application, many potato products contain spices or other additives. At August Töpfer & Co., you can also order potato products without additives – including in organic quality.

Use of potato products

Our range encompasses potato flakes and potato flour. The production process for both products is identical. The difference is the degree of grinding: potato flour is much finer than potato flakes.

In contrast to potato flakes and potato flour, potato starch is not made from whole potatoes. The starch is extracted by washing raw potatoes.

According to customer wishes, we can also refine our potato products with spices such as turmeric.

Our potato products are certified:

Buy potato products wholesale

We have the highest standards in terms of the quality of our products and our services. Our business relationships are based on many years of trusting cooperation with the producers, as well as close communication with customers and partners. Regular checks and packaging the product on site at our location in Hamburg ensure that you always receive your delivery on time and in top quality.

Are you interested in our potato products or would you like an individual offer? Our team will be happy to help you in selecting the products available. If you wish, we will put together the right products for you based on your documents and specifications. Get in touch with us!